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Environmental Research Institute Chulalongkorn University
Environmental Systems Research Institute
BMA GIS Center
Earth Science Enterprise in NASA
National Geographic
The Geography Network
GIS RESOURCES (New Jersey Institute of Tacnology)
University Consortium for Geographic Information Science
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(สมาคมสำรวจข้อมูลระยะไกลและสารสนเทศภูมิศาสตร์แห่งประเทศไทย )

GIS/RS For Kids
Picture Description WebSite
U.S. EPA Explorers Club U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's site for kids. Lots of fun and interesting things to read and do to learn about the environment
For Kids Only - Earth Science Enterprise NASA for Kids only . Earth Science Enter prise.
National Geographic Kids--Games, Postcard, Animals Be a National Geographic kid! Find tons of games, e-mail postcards, photographs, pictures, animal facts, cool links, World magazine stories, and more.
Welcome to USGS Learning Web The Learning Web, a portion of the USGS website, is dedicated to K-12 education and life-long learning. Explore things on, in, around and about the Earth such as land, water, plants and animals, and maps.
USGS TerraWeb for Kids! Satellite and sonar images, remote sensing education and activities for KIDS!
USGS Mapping Information: Educational Resources
Educational Resources for Cartography, Geography, and Related Disciplines